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Are you working with teams? Are you tired of unproductive meetings or brainstorming sessions where the loudest voices take up all the airtime?


Join me to learn about disruptive innovation methods that will allow you to shift dynamic of your remote groups for good! This immersion-style workshop lands equally well with new and experienced Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches and anyone who needs to facilitate effective group work.

Uniquely design to introduce you to 16+ Liberating Structures in sync and async way in only 12h (over 4 session) AND lead you through up to 12 design sessions of YOUR own workshops.

  • 14 hours of learning (4 days of synchronous hands-on work - 3 hours each day with plenty of breaks + 30 min of individual pre-work/homework between the sessions). 

  • Up to 14 SEU (Scrum Education Units)

  • 7 practical tips for virtual engagement, collected and refined in over 14 years of remote facilitation experience.

  • 8 TBR practices from Sharon Bowman’s book “Training from the BACK of the Room” (used with permission of the author).

  • 15 Liberating Structures + 2 Punctuations from the collection of 33+ Liberating Structures Library created by Keith McCandless and Henry Lipmanowicz.

  • Up to 12 workshop design opportunities on topics of your choice in a LS Design Jam Open Space. You will collaborate with others, design it in class, get feedback from your trainer and bring back a re-imagined design for your next meeting, training or a strategy workshop.

We will collaborate in Zoom breakouts and will use Mural, Mentimeter as well as physical pen and paper. Class is limited to 12 participants. 

Participants feedback:

"I LOVED your course and the method of learning that you provided.  The fact that we got to experience each of the structures you explained was amazing.  I was afraid about taking this course; however, I have now learned so many ways to facilitate any type of meeting – not just an Agile related meeting"

Laurie S., Sr. Project Manager, NY

Upcoming Classes

January  18, 19, 25, 26 (Wed, Thu, 2 weeks)

6:00 PM - 9:00 PM  EST

(3:00 PM - 6:00 PM PST)

Register here

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About this workshop

When was the last time you had a chance to reflect on your career path, your goals and aspirations for the upcoming quarter?

This workshop is an opportunity to do this in a very meaningful way - through the lenses of your core values.

What is in your rigidity trap?

What can help your find space for new opportunities?

What could you take on, if you were brave enough?

What's stopping you?

You will explore these and many other questions with the help of Liberating Structures tools (Ecocycle Planning, W3, 25/10 and 15% solution). Working individually and in small breakout rooms, we will go deep into what really matters for you as a professional and as a human being. We will apply your core values as a filter, and help you make a resonant actions choice.

Who is this workshop for?

Professionals, seeking clarity in their career:

Students, experienced professionals, professionals considering career pivot, entrepreneurs starting their own business will all get a direct value from this workshop by:

- Gaining new clarity from a value-driven prioritisation process.

- Creating impactful next steps.

- Building confidence in getting started.

People Managers/Leaders

Once you've experienced the process for yourself, you will be able to guide through it the people in your team. Bring depth and meaning to your 1x1s, help people on your team explore career choices, support them in this discovery. Mural templates and PDF handouts will help you adjust easily to "in person" or remote conversations.

Agile Coaches, Business and Career Coaches

Simplicity and effectiveness of this process will help you amplify the impact of your coaching for your clients. You will find this process equally powerful in your one-on-one coaching conversations as well as in a team coaching context.

Participants feedback:

Dana’s “7 Steps to Walking your Why” workshop was engaging, unique, and impactful. She expertly uses her creativity and facilitation skills to draw from a variety of ideas and practices such as emotional agility, professional coaching, and Liberating Structures. As a participant, I felt that starting the workshop with an exploration of personal core values provided an individualised foundation that was sustained throughout the session, which then culminated with actionable ideas for my own journey. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone seeking greater clarity in their career plans!

Betsy I., Agile Coach, PA

Upcoming Classes

January  10

5:30 PM - 9:00 PM  EST




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