Powerful synergy of brain-friendly virtual training design and remote facilitation with Liberating Structures, this workshop will fundamentally change the way your group collaborates and solves problems.

You will experience: 

  • 7 Rules of virtual engagement.

  • 13 of the most versatile and impactful Liberating Structures

  • Design Jam Open Space, where you will co-create (and get feedback on) LS Strings for your own workshops and training classes 

Participants feedback:

"It is one of those rare learning experiences where you feel you can apply right away what you learned. It is clear that it is designed with this end in mind."

"This course is likely to be the boost to your facilitation toolkit that you need. Dana has figured out lots of clever tricks to use tools such as Zoom, Mural and Mentimeter to create highly engaging collaborative workshops and training."

Upcoming Classes

Sep 28, 29, Oct 5,6 (UK) - private class

Oct 28 - 30 (Australia) - public (register here)


Go beyond the basics with our new class. Design LS Strings for your own workshops, practice some of the most advanced Liberating Structures and experiment with punctuations that increase psychological safety in your group.

You will experience: 

  • 4 advanced Liberating Structures (P2P, Panarchy, DAD, Shift-and-Share)

  •  5 of the most fundamental Liberating Structures

  • 3 Design Jam sessions (deep-dive into building LS String, designing powerful invitation & throught-provoking debriefing) 


This workshop will enable you to 

  • Engage your team members and program participants in new ways through high-impact, interactive virtual sessions

  • Infuse fun and energy in your meetings and workshops with Liberating Structures adapted to the virtual space

  • Elevate your comfort level with a few of the more complex Liberating Structures

  • Confidently design programs using a variety of Liberating Structures

  • Evangelize techniques that result in positive outcomes within your organization and transform the way people think about meetings.

Upcoming Classes

Nov 4, 11, 18 - Australia - public (register here)

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