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DevOps Culture Simulation

(with Lego, Chocolate and Scrum Game)

DevOps Culture (with LEGO and Chocolate game) is a gamified simulation designed to clarify the “Why” and the “What” of DevOps and facilitate development of solid foundational understanding of DevOps Culture. Created with Training from the Back of the Room method, it uses principels of congnitive neuroscience to maximize engagement and learning retention.


In this powerful role-based simulation, participants experience how a large organization works prior to, during and after embracing DevOps culture. They see the benefits of upskilling, learn to eliminate silos, implement "shift left" on security, adopt systems thinking and practice optimizing the flow of value from business to development and to IT operations.  


Through numerous debriefing opportunities (with Liberating Structures), participants connect their learning from the simulation with real-life examples, every day business challenges, and identify actionable next steps toward improvement.  


What makes this workshop standout is its ability to deliver highly technical content in a very engaging and simple format, making it equally effective with technical and non-technical audiences alike.

Originally created in 2014, this workshop has been facilitated in fifteen countries at various conferences and organizations (including a number of US Fortune 100 companies).

USA, Canada, Brazil, Finland, Russia, Germany, Portugal, Czech Republic, Japan, Israel, South Africa, Colombia, Uruguay, China - this list continues to grow as more trained facilitators bringing it to their clients worldwide.

DevOps Culture Simulation at public conferences
2019 Compilation Video

DevOps Culture Simulation on Serious Game Podcast

Upcoming 2020 public workshops:

OOP 2020

February 3, 2020

Munich, Germany

Agile India 2020

March 21, 2020

Bengaluru, India

Trainer Workshop

April 4, 2020

New York City, USA

Trainer Workshop

May 14, 2020

New York City, USA

Agile+DevOps West

June 9, 2020

Las Vegas, USA

Download Impact/Outcome Statement Brochure:

Learning Objectives: 

After participating in this similation, you will be able to

1) Identify fundamental principles and practices including: Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, testing, “shift left” on security, “one piece flow” and the Three Ways of DevOps.
2) Discuss a critical role of the safety culture in enabling Continual Experimentation and Learning at all levels of an organisation.
3) Explain changes that DevOps approach brings to a Segregation of Duty, Audit requirements, CAB, risk management etc.

4) Articulate DevOps team topologies best practices and anti-patterns.

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