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Benefits of Playfulness

There are many benefits to embracing playfulness in our lives and our workplaces. Playfulness allow us to shift from anxiety & worries to curiosity & passion, reducing stress, creating psychologically safer space for our teams, unleashing creativity and collaboration.

Teams that play together, stay together - playfulness helps with relationship building even in a remote or a hybrid workspace!

Play tickles our brains, engages our emotions, simultaneously exercising our creative and analytical muscles, and helping us connect the dots in the most innovative, unexpected ways. 

How might your workplace, your development teams or your leadership teams look, feel and function differently with a little bit more playfulness in them? How might an experiment look like for you?


Meet Dana

I am passionate about infusing playfulness and unleashing collaboration in teams and organizations I coach. 

Business games designer, speaker, the author of “DevOps with Lego and Chocolate” and “Fear in the Workplace” games, I offer innovative training sessions, facilitate impactful workshops, amplifying creativity and engagement for participants.

As an Enterprise Agile Coach, I bring a powerful combo of multiple coaching styles (Co-Active Coaching, Executive Coaching, ORSC, Positive Intelligence etc), facilitation with Liberating Structures, deep knowledge of Agile and DevOps space as well as a breadth of experience working with remote teams and international clients.


What I Specialize In

Agile Foundation training -participants learn through games and debriefing


Big Apple Scrum Day conference organizers' welcome speach

Growing Community

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Let’s Get Started

“The game was a very powerful, fast, and effective way to learn and experience the pain and opportunity of better understanding DevOps. I made 3 changes in my team’s workflow, within 30 days my team experienced increased throughput, and better predictability. Highly recommend this game, and the facilitator Dana!”

- Scott T.Reese, CTO, USA

“Every moment was full of learning and insights with the chance to apply them in a safe, fun environment. Dana’s own facilitation skills, are plain to see with every aspect of the course and her depth of knowledge seems to know no bounds. Dana’s ability to pack so much in without overwhelming you must be her super power!”

- Emma Armstrong, 
Agile Coach, UK

“Dana is a phenomenal Professional Coach and thought leader. It has been truly satisfying to witness her in action as she improves people's lives with such passion and professionalism. Dana coaches with knowledge and a level of energy that sets her apart from the rest. Her dedication and drive make it easy for her to motivate others.”

- Korrin Mitchell, Product Development Director, USA

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