Testimonials for Agile Facilitation/Training - Virtual Edition

Rominder Dodd, Agile Coach,

Westpac, Australia

I have loved being on Dana's course. Online courses can be difficult to run but Dana's has been engaging, fun and I've learnt a lot. If you have an open mindset and want to get better you can't go wrong with Dana's course.

Well worth the money and the price point (under USD$500) is very reasonable. Love the time slots too. A lot of thought has gone into it!

Catherine Hyams, Delivery Practices Lead / Agile Team Coach, Australia

For anyone looking to develop your skills and create effective virtual content delivery, Dana is a brilliant teacher who has developed an outstanding course. It will teach you Liberating Structures, introduce you to some elements from Training from the Back of the Room and you'll leave with actionable tools and skills to better serve your teams and your stakeholders.

This is a highly engaging course, delivered virtually and it never once felt like we weren't in the same room.

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Rowan Bunning, Managing Principal,

Scrum WithStyle, Australia

If you’re a coach or Scrum Master finding that your online sessions aren’t working so well or are stuck in a rut running the same old formats again and again, Dana’s “Agile Facilitation/Training – Virtual Edition” course is likely to be the boost to your facilitation toolkit that you need. Dana has figured out lots of clever tricks to use tools such as Zoom, Mural and Mentimeter to create highly engaging collaborative workshops and training. Even better, you’ll gain techniques for many of the rich Liberating Structures in the virtual world. You even get to design workshops that string several structures together to achieve surprising results. I took many small and large techniques away from this course that I’ll be applying straight away.

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