Kudos for Agile Play Consulting

"I attended Dana's course on a whim … I had the time open and the email notice tickled a problem my team has been experiencing recently with on time deployment delivery. This was my first detailed exposure to the DevOps concept. The game was a very powerful, fast, and effective way to learn and experience the pain and opportunity of better understanding DevOps. I made 3 changes in my team’s workflow the 2 weeks following this event. Within 30 days my team experienced increased throughput, better predictability, and less stress with our clients and stakeholders. Immediate value. It was almost like magic. Highly recommend this game, the facilitator Dana, and the books she recommended to me following the game."

Certified DevOps Culture Simulation Trainer workshop

Scott T. Reese CTO, Harbor Industries


"Thank you Dana Pylayeva for a great Legos & Chocolate Intro to DevOps workshop at Dealertrack. It was a great eye opening experience for everyone!!! Looking forward to more from you! #coxautomotive #greatjob"

Michael Levitis, RTE Cox Automotive


"The whole workshop is full of "aha moments" and solid content. You can see and feel that every cycle of the simulation is carefully design to give all the participants the full "flashback" to their day to day live, on any kind of corporate environment,  and the debriefs or retrospectives between them, very rich in coaching moments, relaying back always to the theory and principles of DevOps. For us, Agilists and DevOps advocates from JPMorgan Chase, gave us a lot of insights and experience of the emotions and barriers that people face every day during a transformation process. And for the team members of different roles that also participate on the workshop, they could see how transformation is possible with small increments of improvements, based on early feedback."

Leonardo Mattos, Principal Consultant, SAP


"Dana’s facilitation training for the DevOps chocolate and LEGO game was extremely valuable.  The game makes the WHY of DevOps very obvious and is super engaging.  Dana’s experience in this space along with her facilitation skills made for an extremely rich learning experience and gave me a very useful tool to help inform clients on their Agile and DevOps journey."

Deb Pontes, Agile Transformation Coach


"We were first introduced to Dana at a Meetup where she ran the "Intro to DevOps with Chocolate, LEGO & Scrum" game.  Though we chuckled at the silly name at first, at the end of the Meetup we were amazed at how many light bulbs went off in our brains, as we had our own A-Ha Moments relative to our roles as Scrum Master and Manager of DevOps, and realized the benefits of running this game could provide to our own organization.

We later acquired training from Dana so we could facilitate the game for the Blink Fitness Technology dept.  We ran the game on a Friday afternoon and experienced the same magic we felt as players of the game.  With each sprint, the players felt the pain, realized the bottlenecks, and on their own were inspired to work together to improve the process, thinking up solutions we would have never expected.  In fact, the group requested to stay late and play a 4th sprint with new experimentation in the process, with even the Business Owners jumping in as developers.

The dept was so enthused with how fun the game was to play and how it could serve as a mental model to experiment and improve our own delivery and deployment process, that we are now considering to run the game quarterly."

Scott Zillitto, Senior DevOps Manager, Blink Fitness

Training from the Back of the Room Certified Practitioner workshop

"Perhaps the most relevant and profound course I have taken that helped me get how the brain actually works. Class participation was phenomenal!"

Honey Varma, Enterprise Agile Coach, Bank of America


"Dana delivers an amazing session, applying the concepts and techniques she teaches to her own work. She manages to create an environment where participants feel safe and willing to participate and learn.  The session was packed with value!"

Emilie Franchomme, Product Owner, World Education Services


"Engaging, fun, motivating to adopt the tools and techniques. This class would help virtually any business/industry. It’s tools and techniques can be applied to meeting, meetups, workshops and almost anything in the corporate educational space."

Darren Wendell, Lead Business Analyst, FactSet

Enterprise Agile Coaching

"As the Enterprise Agile Coach for HBC, Dana introduced my Enterprise Loyalty team to the concept of Agile thinking. She brought with her a wealth of knowledge, and showed us that Agile is not just for Technology. During our sessions, she made the concepts easy and fun to understand, by using various games (picture dice, cards) as well as ‘day in the life’. The ‘Day in the life’ showed us how some people are very detailed, why others are too generic. ‘Day in the life’ helped us understand how to create user stories and acceptance criteria. Dana's enthusiasm and passion showed through all the sessions my team and I had with her!"

Deirdre Centrillo, Project Manager, Enterprise Loyalty at Hudson's Bay Company