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DevOps Simulation 
how can You run it?

Wondering if you could run the DevOps Simulation (with Lego and Chocolate) yourself?

This page is a good place to get started!

Become a Certified DevOps Culture Trainer


 Attend In-Person
 Train-the-Trainer Workshop with Dana Pylayeva

1. An opportunity to experience a full version of the simulation, facilitated by the author.

2. Get trained on the latest current version of the simulation. 

3. Get free access to certification exam on CertiProf.

4. Connect with a community of licensed facilitators on Slack.

Learn from a Video

1. Attend a video training in the comfort of your home, at your own time (must access via CertiProf site)

2. Get access to the same licensed material (after passing DCCT)

 Take DCCT exam with

1. Get certified internationally as

DevOps Culture Certified Trainer (DCCT)

2. Become a change agent, who is able to create the DevOps Culture simulation experience, providing participants with valuable insights and enabling their first steps towards embracing DevOps mindset. 

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